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Lars Mapstead started out from humble beginnings , living in a small barn with an outhouse and no electricity. While navigating many challenges he founded several successful internet companies. Living in farming , mountain ,coastal and high tech communities he has a well rounded perspective of different needs of people. Lars enjoys collecting old cars, road racing , gardening and spending time with his friends and family.

Focusing on limited government and taxation. Championing personal freedom from authoritarian government. Ranked Choice Voting and term limits are platform issues he is passionate about. Lars looks forward to cutting regulations, reducing waste in government and uniting congress in a tri-partisan fashion. Lars backs the national libertarian platform.

Lars has a Detailed Plan to Win an Electoral College Vote for the Libertarian Party. On election Night we wont be some % at the bottom of the Screen, we will be Gold on the Map, The Media will talk about it nonstop, and Americans will ask why its not Blue or Red in Astonisment. Hopefully the Election is Very close and our Electoral Vote Decides the Election. There is no better way to gain power than to be the deciding factor in the Presidential Vote. If you Like this plan please consider Donating !